How To Make a T Shirt Blanket

Have you ever wondered if you could make a t shirt blanket or quilt with your old t shirts? The concept of the quilt is to use any extra fabric to make something usable. If you have a bunch of old t shirts with designs from places you,ve been or events you participated in, and don,t want to part with them, turn them into a blanket.

In this article, were going to explore the various ways in which you can create a quilt with a t shirt, starting with the easiest one. Then you can enjoy the comfort and memories of your t-shirt blanket while you sleep or cuddle on the couch.Before we begin discussing how to make a quilt with a t shirt, let,s consider the issue of where to start. Gather your t shirts and sort them according to event types, schools, sports, or colors. The design or emblem on them is what you want to preserve, so make sure there are no stains or holes near them. You will cut pieces that are the same size and have a seam allowance. Decide how big the blanket will be; a full-size quilt, a throw, or a wall design.

You,ll want to then use a wide table or bed to lay out all of your t shirts and figure out the placement. This is important because it will help you understand how it will look when it is done. You will also need to decide if you want borders or an edge, as well as a backing for the blanket. Pin the pieces together or use fabric glue to keep them in place before sewing.Now you want to follow your pattern as closely as possible. In this case, they are simple squares to make it easier to make your first quilt. If you get this far and don,t have the right sewing machine for the job, you can send the pieces in as they are to a quilt company and have them assemble it for you.

Once the t shirts are together, you can add the border and put the batting between the front and backing. Sew them together. After you have completed your t shirt blanket, you will have a little piece of history to share with others. If you enjoyed the project, you could make more using other people,s old shirts or other fabric memorabilia. If you have multiple t shirt blanket ideas and don,t have enough time to devote, contact a professional quilting company online and have them help you with the projects. If they need to be done by a certain date as a gift, they will let you know how many weeks it will take to assemble and deliver.

Now that you know how to make a quilt with a t-shirt blanket, the next step is to share what you know with others! Your friends may want to learn all about it. Help them repurpose their clothes.